My image is displaying correctly in a browser, but when i use the image link inside an HTML compiler, its showing a broken image symbol.
Image link : http://winterminer.com/glogo.png
<img src="http://winterminer.com/glogo.png" alt='fail'>
I m using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Apache web server installed through webmin/virtualmin.
I m struggling with this thing for weeks, any help would be appreciated


Your SSL/TLS certificate is broken. Therefore, the browser can't display it.

Do you call this image from a HTTPS website?

When you add this HTML code to a website that uses SSL/TLS, then the modern browsers will call "httpS://winterminer.com/glogo.png"

It should be working fine, when you add this HTML code to an HTTP website.

  • i m not following, i tried this tag <img src="http://winterminer.com/glogo.png" alt='fail'> on w3scools html editor, its not displaying. I dont have ssl, do i need to install one – Ragav Feb 5 at 11:19
  • i've enabled ssl for my domain and its working fine, thank you – Ragav Feb 5 at 11:23

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