I would like to know what is the latest Debian or Ubuntu server I could install on a dl380 G6 server.

I have to run 2 things on it.

Nextcloud 20 and Odoo v14 (ERP)

Would this work or not? Or have I bought too old hardware?

I have seen that Debian 5 Lenny can run on this but not a clue if this can handle latest release of nextcloud or odooERP

  • That machine is more than 10 years old. While Linux is generally very good at handling old hardware, (they only recently removed the floppy driver!) your performance will be from 10 years ago, and it's going to be quite noisy. I would not have purchased that machine myself. I wouldn't even have taken a free one. That said, you can always try to install anything you want on it. – Michael Hampton Feb 8 at 0:24
  • So installing Debian buster or Ubuntu 20.04 should be possibe. I know it is old. But it will probably work better than my rpi4 cause backing up that one results without fail in I/o errors. – Stephane Feb 8 at 0:53
  • Just side note would a dl380 gen 8 be a much better choice? I am looking around the max 250 EUR budget – Stephane Feb 8 at 0:55
  • If your budget is small, think of the running cost: Such machines use a lot of electricity. You may use a Zotac ZBOX ci329 nano or something similar which uses 1/10 of the energy giving somewhat comparable results. – Adrian Zaugg Mar 23 at 0:16

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