I can't figure out how to merge nxginx and sftp user for a folder.

So for example I have folder: /var/www/domain.com/uploads

sftp user is: john

john belongs to group: sftpuser

  1. scenario with chown nginx:nginx

from web interface I can upload files to uploads folder. But the issue that when I login through sftp it doesn't have rights to upload any file to that upload folder.

  1. scenario with chown john:sftpuser

from web interface I can't upload files to uploads folder. But when I login through sftp I am able to upload files to uploads folder.

Any ideas and what the proper way to configure this?

Thank you in advance!


Both scenarios are incorrect.

The only true logical and secure way to run NGINX/PHP-FPM website is by running the website with a separate user (can be your existing SFTP user), and having it own all website files and dirs as in chown example:example for all files and directories.

See here for more details. Particularly, the important step in this setup is making nginx user to be a member of the website's user group:

usermod -a -G example nginx
  • Thank you will try to follow your guide. – andys Feb 11 at 8:42

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