journalctl -u ssh prints all records associated with the ssh unit. But how can I get all records not associated with the ssh unit? Things that don't work: journalctl -u '!ssh'; journalctl '!_SYSTEMD_UNIT=ssh'; journalctl '_SYSTEMD_UNIT!=ssh'. Documentation doesn't suggest that this is possible, but I'm still hopeful. ;-)

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    What's wrong with grep -v sshd? Or more refined, grep -v "$(hostname) sshd\[". – berndbausch Feb 15 at 20:12
  • That's similar to what I'm doing currently, but I'd prefer a solution that's independent of the journalctl output format. My current kludge is: journalctl -f | awk '$5 !~ /sshd\[[0-9]+\]:/ { print }'. – smammy Feb 16 at 21:04

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