I've found

dpkg-query --showformat="\${Package}\t\${Version}\n" --show \*

but it can't show the repo can it? Probably that info is only known to apt. But which apt command to use?

I'd preferably like to have a list like "zypper packages" gives, example:

i | SLES11-SP4-Updates      | zypper                              | 1.6.335-29.9                     | x86_64

Also I'd preferably like to know which installed debs are not coming from any currently known repository (which zypper would show as "@System").

apt-cache policy SLES11-SP4-Updates
  • "SLES11-SP4-Updates" is the repo in that case. I would like a listing Repo | Package | Version, for all packages
    – Marki
    Feb 17 at 16:04

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