I'm trying to mask an affiliate link, so I want to have a 302 redirect through nginx

I want to redirect all /go links to the respective affiliate link, so all link redirects would be like mydomain.com/go/affiliate redirects to > https://www.affiliatelink.com

Right now this is what I have

location /go {
                rewrite ^/affiliate$ https://www.affiliatelink.com redirect; 

I have tried everything and I cannot seem to be able to get it to work. Is there a specific file I need to do it on?

I have already tried both /sites-enabled/default and /conf.d/nginx.conf

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Your rewrite doesn't work because the URL path you are requesting is /go/affiliate but the rewrite matches on the exact path /affiliate, which can never be found in location /go anyway. Fixing that is trivial and obvious, but for performance reasons you should avoid regex whenever possible.

Instead of this sort of rewrite, use one of two alternate approaches:

  1. If you have only a few URL paths to match, use a location for each one:

    location /go/affiliate {
        return 302 https://affiliate.example.com/;
  2. If you have a large number of links, I'd say more than 7 or so, use a map instead.

    map $uri $aff_redirect {
        default            "";
        "/go/affiliate"    "https://affiliate.example.com/";
        # more links

    A map goes in the http block outside of any server block.

    To use it, check for $aff_redirect variable in the appropriate server block.

    if ($aff_redirect) {
        return 302 $aff_redirect;
  • pastebin.com/J2PQKpqP this is my mydomain.com-ssl.conf, pastebin.com/HRHSW2nv this is my main nginx.conf , I commented out the Map function to test the other one, but I tried both. Also tried it on the normal config and the SSL version one, since the site is using https – spacing Feb 22 at 21:13
  • Finally got it to work. I had something wrong on my main nginx.conf. I wasn't able to get it to work with a map function tho. I don't know if that was because it was inside a HTTP tag and the site is https only. It only worked with multiple location tags like you described in sites-enabled/mydomain.com-ssl.conf, tried using the location tags in sites-enabled/default didn't work either – spacing yesterday

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