I am trying to pull a piece of text from a file to use as input for the next command. The word always starts with "JID_" and then some random numbers/characters after that.

For example :

            Selector: InstanceID = JID_001264193601, __cimnamespace = root/dcim

I want to assign a variable $JID to that string of characters. How do I pull it from the line ? sed or grep preferrably, but any method is fine.


This worked for me

(03:45 PM):(Jacob@houston)~$ egrep -o "JID_[0-9]+" bah | cut -d _ -f2



Ok, I just hacked at it for a few minutes and came up with this :

grep JID job.txt | sed -e "s/.*InstanceID = //" -e "s/,.*//"

With output of this :


I think that will work.

  • I think he just wants to output the characters after JID_ – einstiien Jan 22 '10 at 21:28

This command:

var=$(sed -n 's/.*InstanceID = JID_\([0-9]\+\),.*/\1/p')
echo $var

will output this:


for the given input.

If you want to keep the "JID_":

var=$(sed -n 's/.*InstanceID = \(JID_[0-9]\+\),.*/\1/p')
  • I want to know the \1/p at the last line of both commands you mentioned what it does? – Registered User Mar 11 '11 at 14:20
  • @RegisteredUser: The \1 brings forward the string that was captured by the first (in this case only) \(\) before the middle slash (in this case it's a sequence of one or more digits). The p after the final slash cause the result to be printed since the -n option turns off automatic printing. Using these together prevents any output of lines that do not match the regular expression between the first and middle slashes. – Dennis Williamson Mar 11 '11 at 14:36

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