I have a FreeBSD Host and some jails, the output of freebsd-version -u in the host and in the jail is 12.2-STABLE.

In the host the output of uname -K and pkg -vv | grep OSVERSION matches 1202505 but within the jail I get OSVERSION = 1201512;

I updated the host and the jail but still not finding why the mismasth.

Any ideas?

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I had to remove the usr/src/obj directory and rebuild because this file:


was not getting updated when using -DNO_CLEAN:

env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/jroot/build/obj SRCCONF=/etc/src-jail.conf __MAKE_CONF=/etc/make.conf make -DNO_CLEAN -j${NUMBER_OF_CORES} buildworld

Using devel/ccache helps fixing the problem, just need to add WITH_CCACHE_BUILD=yes in src.conf

From the man:

             Set to use ccache(1) for the build.  No configuration is required
             except to install the devel/ccache package. 

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