I need to backup a live sqlite db by running a command once a day. Only if the db file has changed since last backup. How could it be achieved on Centos 8 ?

  • i missing the things you've already done and what youve been using, more over it looks to me not business related question . a cronjob that runs daily with no specific time can be started by @daily command using crontab - e – djdomi Mar 7 at 17:39
  • why is it voted to close? how is it a cron script not part of server admin? – Boppity Bop Mar 9 at 17:06

The touch command has the ability to set a file's times to be the same as another file. The BASH shell can test to see if one file is newer than another [ a -nt b ]. What you can do then is

  • Set a reference file's times to be the same as your db file times using touch.

Then have a script run once per day that checks if the db file is newer than the reference file.

  • If it is newer then update the reference file's times to be the same as the db file and backup the db file.
  • Otherwise do nothing.
  • 2 lines script would bring a lot more information than 7 lines of natural language explanation :D – Boppity Bop Mar 8 at 15:56
  • Doing it correctly is likely more than 2 lines. If I wrote the script for you, then you are not educated. – user620588 Mar 8 at 16:00
  • :) bummer innit – Boppity Bop Mar 8 at 16:34
  • Depends on your attitude to learning I guess. I would find it a most excellent challenge :) – user620588 Mar 8 at 16:45

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