How can I switch the outlets of an APC Rack PDU (AP7920) via SNMP (Linux SNMP command tools like snmpget/snmpset) ?

I can't find anything about it.

I was able to walk it via:

snmpwalk -v3 -a MD5 -A xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -u switch -x DES -X xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

but not to switch an outlet.

  • I’m guessing you’d need to use snmpset on some OID.
    – GregL
    Mar 9 at 2:07
  • I think part of my question is what the OIDs are. I was not able to find information on them.
    – divB
    Mar 10 at 3:57

Below OID works for me to control outlet #1, the last integer in this oid can be modified to n to control the nth outlet.

OID(powernet mib) - .

Integer values: 1 - Outlet ON, 2 - Outlet OFF, 3 - Outlet Reboot

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