I have several hpdl385 380 and 360 machines. the 385's are having issues during the ipxe boot where they grab an ip and then cant complete the configuration . I have successfully installed the undercloud but the introspection/instack.json part is having issues due to the pxe boot part.

Broadcom undi pxe-2.1 v4.4.16 ….. PXE-EB: !PXE at 9975:0040 entry point at 9975:00D6 …. Ipx3 initialising devices ...ok Ipxe 1.0.0+ -- opensource firmware Features: Dns http iscsi tftp vlan aoe elf mboot pxe bzimage menu pxext

Net0 …. Using undionly on 0000:41:00.0 (open) Link: up … Txe: 1x "Network unreachable (http://ipxe.org/28086011) Configuring (net0 …) ………… No configuration Methods Succeeded (http://ipxe.org/040ee119) Fatal Hub Link Error

I was planning to update the ipxe file and see if that resolved the issue but Im not sure which file to replace as the iso only has ipxe.lkrn and the git makes ipxe.dsk and lkrn

The undercloud seems to be using

/var/lib/ironic/httpboot/boot.ipxe /var/lib/ironic/httpboot/inspector.ipxe /var/lib/ironic/tftpboot/ipxe.efi /var/lib/ironic/tftpboot/undionly.kpxe

If any one has suggestions on what would be the best next step I would appriciate it.

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