After alot of time i'm stuck on getting my project to work. I'm trying to deploy my .netcore app to docker my 2 frontend container are running my backend api fails with network related instance blabalabl cannot connecto to sql server.

as sql server i'm uding a seperate vm for the production database running winserver2016 and sql2014.

iwhen testing both firewall are shutdown just to test without.

my computer can connect to sql server using ssms not problem there so i know the server is open for remote connections.

my docker on the otherhand cannot connect It can ping the sql server vm

for ssm using\SQLEXPRESS user SA password: my password this works

from my docker vm using sqlcmd -S\SQLEXPRESS -U this fails or only gives me < using sqlcmd\SQLEXPRESS -u SA gives me 1>

my connectionstring:

"ConnectionStrings": { "ApplicationContext": "Server=\SQLEXPRESS,1433;Database=Portfolio;Integrated Security=false;MultipleActiveResultSets=true;User Id=sa;Password=mypw" }

when testing this locally on my computer it works so I would a

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