According to AWS RDS FAQ, "Amazon RDS DB snapshots and automated backups are stored in S3."

I wonder what S3 class is used by AWS ?

I want to know if RDS backups are stored only on the same availability zone or is there a copy on an other availability zone ?

  • I don't know for sure and can't find a reference right now, but my experience with AWS makes me suspect S3 standard. AWS would not store this data in one AZ, it makes no sense, and for RDS restores they'll want the data to be available quickly for restores. They charge $0.09 per GB for RDS backups which is four times higher than then cost of S3 standard, which hints towards the S3 class.
    – Tim
    Mar 16 at 17:21
  • You might be right and I hope you are right. I whish I can find a reference to confirm. Mar 16 at 21:46

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