I want to connect to networks with a site-to-site vpn via RRAS.

Network A Ip: Subnet:

Network B Ip: Subnet:

On network A, there is already an instance of RRAS wich is working perfectly fine as a VPN server via SSTP.

On Network B, I set up a new RRAS server with a demand-dial inteface wich is connecting to network A just fine. Also I added an new static route.

enter image description here

From the RRAS server on Network B, I am able to ping all clients (e.g. and server in Network A. But on my clients in Network B, which are using the RRAS server as a gateway I am not able to ping the clients on Network A. I also tried to keep my internet gateway and add a static route for network A pointing to the RRAS server. When I take a look at tracert I all packages are lost behind the RRAS server. I would have expected that tis will work. What I am doing wrong?

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