Since there can be problems with the time change from summer/winter or winter/summer, I wanted to ask how I could solve the problem within the bash script-2?

I think in the winter time it should not come normally to problems since CRON acts here smartly and does not execute CRONS twice, nevertheless I would be grateful here for tips how I could configure the best in both time changes.

2h - CRONTAB -> Bash-Script 1
3h - CRONTAB -> Bash-Script 2

2h - CRONTAB -> Bash-Script 1
3h - CRONTAB -> Bash-Script 2

One approach:

Have the system clock or at least cron run at UTC. UTC has no daylight savings time and you won’t have any issues.

(And like many utilities and tools allow : only convert from UTC to the time zone most relevant to a person in the presentation layer.)

A second consideration:

Cron is a time based scheduler. If you have real job dependencies you can’t really rely on cron to ensure they are met. If batch job B must always start after job A ; simply use a single batch job (with some more error checking and handling )

  • And how to use utc with cron without using utc as systemwide setting and only for there particular 2 jobs? – Omexlu Mar 28 at 8:31
  • That is what the other comment already links to... serverfault.com/questions/791713/… – Bob Mar 28 at 8:36
  • Yes but there are other jobs on crontab that should be affected by that, so I just need it for 2 jobs? – Omexlu Mar 28 at 8:47
  • The custom TZ time zone setting effects only the jobs defined below/after that line1 job1 in system TZ schedule ; line two CRON_TZ=UTC ; line 3 job2 running on UTC schedule – Bob Mar 28 at 9:24
  • OK thank you, for 2 and 3 h in the night, what need to be set in UTC? – Omexlu Mar 28 at 10:31

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