I have a website serving static HTML/client-side JS, running on a machine on my LAN. The website is accessible from, and there is no DNS.

I have another machine on the LAN which serves a number of internet-facing websites. These are accessible from, with each address having a DNS record. Each website exists in a Docker container, the the jwilder/nginx reverse proxy is used to map DNS to port addresses.

Is it possible to have a Docker container on the second machine, which serves out static content from on the LAN? This would allow setting DNS environment variables from the docker-compose file. Is there a different approach to achieving this? A diagram of this situation:

Network diagram


On a reverse proxy I would add an record to website to forward specific traffic to machine a.

Or you can create another reverse proxy on machine b to forward traffic to A. But this is over kill, because of a same subnet of machine A, B and reverse proxy.

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