I currently have Windows Server setup with one physical ethernet port (eth0) as an external VLAN trunk connected to a Hyper-V virtual external switch for VMs to share with the host. The host uses specifically VLAN1 while the virtual switch allows VMs to use and share from VLAN1 to VLAN3.

Now I want to connect another physical ethernet port (eth1) to the same virtual switch or something similar so I can connect an external network device to it (eth1) and have the communication be able to pass through the other physical external VLAN trunk (eth0).

Typically, it would be a much easier task to do if it was on a router configuration, but I can't figure how I go about doing the same thing on Windows. The configuration for network adapters in the current network setup confused me, let alone the new network configuration.


If you need routing on Windows Server, you can install RRAS. Using Powershell,

Install-WindowsFeature RemoteAccess

(reboot is needed)

If you need the Admin Tool for it (on the same server or somewhere else):

Install-WindowsFeature RSAT-RemoteAccess-PowerShell

The routing component:

Install-WindowsFeature Routing

Then from Server Manager's tools, you can start Routing and remote access and configure the server for LAN routing.

  • I did some readings on RRAS and installed and setup LAN routing on the server; however, I am stuck now. It seems there is no option to create a VLAN switch. I can only create a static route, NAT, DHCP Relay Agent, and IGMP Router and Proxy. I can see that maybe I can create a NAT or a static route between eth0 and eth1, but I don't think it can be routed down properly out the VLAN trunk on eth0 since it is tagged on the virtual switch as VLAN1 for the host and I want eth1 to be tagged as VLAN2. What do I do after this part? – Ice Drake Apr 4 at 1:32

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