I have an old CentOS6 I cannot upgrade yet for various reasons.

I'm trying to allow it to access a Windows Server 2019 share, and for the Windows host to have access as well.

After many failed attempts with SMB (V1 unfortunately), I've managed to get it to work with NFSv2.

However, permissions are set all wrong - if I create files from the Linux end using the root user, I have to change permissions and ownership of created files, and then change the owner, enable inheritance and update the permissions on the Windows side. After all that, I can see and use files on both ends.

I've tried using the 'Allow anonymous access' setting on the Windows end, which I could not get working, and am now using the 'Allow unmapped user Unix access' setting.

I need to allow both the root user, a Linux non-root user and whatever users I specifiy on the Windows end to have access to the share.

I'm really confused about what permissions get applied and how with this setup - is it up to the NFS share settings? the Windows host? the Linux host? I'm unsure what permissions to apply, and where.

How would I go about setting up these permissions?


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