I have to run a script from server A and connects to 20 more servers over ssh to pull information. Previously i was using a normal user, and that would become a problem once the password for that user is expired. So i was thinking about using a Service Account to run the Script.

Would it be possible to run the script with a nologin user??

  • what is a "nologin" user? if you connect via ssh to a remote server, you either run a shell or some other command. this task has to run with some UID. consider using x509 certificates rather than passwords, because passwords are for humans running interactive sessions. – StefanKaerst Apr 10 at 10:02

As skynats social suggested, using SSH keys solves your problem without the need of nologin user. HERE you can find a simple tutorial on how to perform the setup.

As you have to pull informations from many servers, I would recommend clustershell. It uses SSH to run the same command on many servers in parallel, and much more. HERE you can find the complete documentation.

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