I wanted to share my local computer's remote desktop tcp port 3389 to the internet and access to it from a remote computer when I'm not in the home.

But just sharing port to public without any security is a bad idea probably, preferably I want to have a IP restriction to the port, since I know what IP(s) I want to access from and they are typically fixed.

Is there any way to do port forwarding a port to the internet with an allow IPs function? Or do I need to buy a supported wifi router for that?

Just in case note this: I use a router TP link Archer c1200 Also, I know a VPN way to do that stuff but VPN way didn't work for me well so would like to go with this way.



I'm not familiar with that particular router, but my guess is that it won't be possible to do what you're asking with it. Enterprise-grade or even small business class firewalls? Absolutely. But consumer-grade routers usually don't offer that much configurability. It may be possible with 3rd party firmware, like DD-WRT, assuming your device is supported.

However, it would be much easier to setup a VPN server on your LAN (I recommend https://www.pivpn.io/ for its ease of use) and only allow RDP connections from that LAN.

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