I have created a VPN site-to-site with a Sonicwall NSv on Azure and a TZ400 on-premises. The VPN is ON but the traffic between the two sites does not go through. I am able to ping the X0 (LAN interface) on NSv from the site but not the other VMs sitting behind the Sonicwall. I have created the routing table on vnet on Azure to route all the traffic to the X0 LAN interface of the Sonicwall (it works). The other site-to-site VPNs that I have between the physical firewalls on the other sites work perfectly fine, but not with the NSv model on Azure.

Sonicwall support was useless. Am I missing something?


  • Did you create rules to allow access on Azure for the VM Subnet? – Abu Zaid Apr 10 at 12:15
  • Hello, Thank you for the answer. After a log period of troubleshooting if found a resolution. first, I had to move all the VMs to another subnet within the same vNet. After that, i create a routing table to route all the traffic from the new subnet to the Sonicwall LAN port X0. then create a static route from SonicWall to that subnet using X0 and the last step was to create another Azure routing table from the on-prem local network to the Sonicwall Lan Port X0. now everything is working – Klenti Toska Apr 14 at 15:27

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