I have a Yandex Cloud S3-compatible object storage, mostly I use it's web GUI or boto3 Python library through my app. Recently I found CyberDuck app, and it seems really cool & handy, also it is recommended by the Yandex Cloud docs. I've set up access to that S3 storage, and I'm able to connect, list content, transfer files... But not folders :(

CyberDuck folder transfer error

When I open transfer details, I see some unnamed warnings and 0 bytes transfer tasks (though local files have correct weights, see the picture's bottom). And I'm still able to deal with separate files or many of them at once, but cannot transfer folders with files. How can I fix the problem so that I could transfer whole folders with lots of files? I googled a lot, but found nothing appropriate to my case. My Cyberduck version is 7.8.5 (34493).

PS: I think it's reasonable to create cyberduck tag, there are dozens of Qs on it.

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