i have been reading about this for a few days now, but i couldn't figure it out, i know that this has been asked previously, but i am having issues setting this up. i have read these articles on this forum about it, but still having problem:

Allow RDP only over VPN

RDP over VPN only

How to Allow RDP(3389) Windows server 2012 to access only via VPN

How can I enable RDP over VPN only?

I have a VPS running Win server 2012. i have set up an L2TP VPN on the server which works fine and assigns IP to clients from a static IP pool. I want to limit my RDP connections to VPS to those who are connected to the VPN "ONLY". i understand that this should be done by setting up the RDP Firewall Rule. I have been trying different setups for this rule, but it either blocks all the RDP connections or allows them all regardless of VPN connection status.

here is what configurations for the firewall rule i have tried and they did not work:

1- "Scope" tab, "local IP" set to IP range that static pool assigns.

2- "Scope" tab, "Remote IP" set to IP range that static pool assigns.

3- "Advanced" tab, limit profiles to "Domain" and "Private".

i would appreciate if you could help me set this up and solve this issue. thanks in advance

  • Can you please show us your network design (including VPN routes)? Firewall rules in this case will have to be set up with the correct network objects (= IP adresses/ranges). There is no "automagic" switch for "VPN" like taht Domain/Private thing. – bjoster Apr 16 at 10:10

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