Looking into moving existing local profile (Windows 8.1) to an AD roaming profile (WS 2019). The goal is:

  1. One user has 2 machines at once. One is win8.1 (existing one), another is win10 (fresh). Upgrade/downgrade is possible.
  2. Now user has local admin account on a win8 machine, which should be converted saving all profile settings to an existing fresh AD user-right account.
  3. Existing browser settings for Google Chrome and IE should be preferrably transferred between too, as well as Desktop links/files and Documents folder.

What are the steps for doing this? Also network is 100MB/s, is that enough for a kinda small profile roaming to be smooth? Also, I've seen a User-profile disks feature, what is the difference between UPD and roaming profile and will it fit the task better? Thanks

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