I am managing an OpenStack mostly through the openstack CLI and the permissions to manage specific projects and their resources. Is there a command available to me that can tell me the release name or version number of the OpenStack release running remotely on the OpenStack I am managing?

The CLI version is 5.4.0.

  • Since the OpenStack cli only queries the API's I think that at best you can only get API (micro-) versions. Doesn't nova-manage show you your OpenStack release? – Bob Apr 20 at 13:11

Currently I don't know a better way than looking into the release notes and compare your versions with the ones listed in the details pages. For example, your version of python-openstackclient seems to be from the Victoria release. Since every component like nova, glance, cinder etc. have their different versions it seems the only way at the moment. If I'm missing some helpful command I'd be glad if someone pointed that out. For example, one could think that the command openstack versions show would list your current version, but it does not. I would like to see a command providing the information.

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