I wonder how fast I can perform the following renaming of Windows PCs in an Acitve Directory domain:

  1. Initially I have computer A and B (member servers with file server role, but neither domain controller, nor SQL server nor anything else fancy), both in the same site and "near" the PDCe
  2. I rename A to C and initiate the corresponding reboot
  3. I rename B to A and initiate the corresponding reboot

My question is: How long do I have to wait before it is safe to perform step 3?

  • just wait until C (former A) is up again?
  • plus some DNS TTL?
  • plus complete replication across all AD servers?
  • plus some tombstone related interval?
  • plus ...?

Would the answer differ for computers in different sites, i.e., at least on has a different nearest AD server?

  • even with 30k computers you should be able to do it within a minute – djdomi Apr 25 at 18:15

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