I’m new to tc & this may be naive question but correct me if I’m wrong

tc qdisc change dev eth0 root netem corrupt 5%

Does above command corrupt ingress packets only ?

If Yes, does outgress corruption has support with different command to configure ?

PS: I couldn’t find relevant help online for outgress corruption.

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The netem is a egress queue discipline and affects only outgoing packets, not ingress. To dive into the TC you can read the LARTC (Linux advanced routing and traffic control)

Other useful sources of information are man tc and man tc-netem, specially the examples sections.

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    Fwiw, for the reverse feature (ingress) it's also possible to use an IFB interface (which behaves as an egress interface in the ingress path) + mirred redirect action to get netem (or most other egress-only features) working on ingress, should this be needed.
    – A.B
    May 2, 2021 at 2:29

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