We are a small outfit, and I am running 4 webservers, 2 SQL servers, and a Reporting Server as VM's in Hyper-V on WinServer2016 (datacentre edition). I want to be able to have a failover from this machine (Dell R620) to a copy of it. The servers are not on AD - I'm a dev wearing a Admin hat badly.

Is there something out there that can do this?

Already have replication running from [live] machine to [backup/failover] machine.
However, if stuff goes down, all info that was committed to sql databases since last replication would be lost, and this is the main problem.

I have no AD training at all, and the current setup is a mongrel that started as a BusinessServer2003, migrated to 2008 then to hybrid cloud based by previous employee that has left. I employed a tech thereafter for a period but fired him after he proved incompetent and in process of stealing source code. Sigh.

Not sure if this is do-able, but I want to attack the biggest headaches first.


You can build Failover Cluster without AD. It is supported to work with SQL Server role. For VMs Live Migration won't work. Should help: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/failover-clustering/workgroup-and-multi-domain-clusters-in-windows-server-2016/ba-p/372059

You will need shared storage for the cluster. I am not sure if S2D works in such scenario. You can use alternatives such as StarWind VSAN. https://www.starwindsoftware.com/resource-library/starwind-virtual-san-for-hyper-v-2-node-hyperconverged-scenario-with-windows-server-2016/

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