Cant seem to get these two plugins (backend_cache and backend_ldap) working together. My current ldap config is:

     ,{auth_backends, [rabbit_auth_backend_internal, rabbit_auth_backend_ldap,rabbit_auth_backend_cache]}
  {rabbitmq_auth_backend_cache, [
                                  {cached_backend, rabbit_auth_backend_ldap},{cache_ttl, 180000}
   {rabbit_auth_backend_ldap, [
    {servers, ["company.ldap.okta-emea.com"]},
          {dn_lookup_bind_user_dn, "uid=company-services-ldap-user@company.com, dc=company, dc=okta-emea,dc=com"},
          {dn_lookup_base, "ou=groups,dc=company,dc=okta-emea,dc=com"},
          {dn_lookup_attribute, "uid"},
          {dn_lookup_bind_password, "password"},
          {user_dn_pattern, "uid=${username}@company.com,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=okta-emea,dc=com"},
          {use_ssl, true},
          {port, 636},
          {log, true},
          {vhost_access_query,  {constant, true}},
          {resource_access_query, {for, [
            {permission, configure, {in_group, "cn=rabbitmq-readers,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=okta-emea,dc=com","uniquemember"}},
            {permission, write, {for, [
              {resource, queue, {in_group, "cn=rabbitmq-readers,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=okta-emea,dc=com","uniquemember"}},
              {resource, exchange, {in_group, "cn=rabbitmq-readers,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=okta-emea,dc=com","uniquemember"}}]}},
            {permission, read, {for, [
              {resource, exchange, {constant, true}},
              {resource, queue,    {constant, true}}]}}
            {tag_queries,  [{administrator, {in_group, "cn=rabbitmq-admins-dev,ou=groups,dc=company,dc=okta-emea,dc=com","uniquemember"}},
            {monitoring,{constant, true}}]}

This gives me 'HTTP access denied: rabbit_auth_backend_cache failed authenticating api-user: no_ldap_servers_defined' in my logs. Why?

In this example - RabbitMq: Need help configuring the authentication cache plugin "rabbit_auth_backend_cache"

The code block has {rabbit_auth_backend_ldap, []} as part of the 'rabbitmq_auth_backend_cache' section but i dont see this mentinoed in the documentation.

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