Exchange 2016 on-prem.

Migration started in EAC still showing active half hour later. It's a large mailbox so I expect this. enter image description here

Get-MoveRequest is not showing ANYTHING: enter image description here


This request failed because this mailbox was moved a few days ago and the request was deleted after completion in the GUI but apparently it wasn't really deleted because it still conflicts with this new move.


Please check if the answers in the following similar case are helpful to you: Get-MoveRequest not showing anything

Based on my test, the move request would show in PowerShell when the request status was syncing or completed, the move request wouldn't do that when the request status was validating and failed.

Check if it's helpful to fix this issue if you run the cmdlet Get-MoveRequest | Remove-MoveRequest or refer to the following thread: Clear Move Request fails for "Microsoft Exchange Migration" system mailbox

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