I have a Pritunl installation (free version) with two organizations and two servers.

  • CustomerOrg is attached to CustomerServer that creates the subnet
  • StaffOrg is attached to StaffServer that creates the subnet

I want the users in StaffOrg to be able to access the devices in the CustomerServer subnet.

I've tried adding a new route in StaffServer that points to, but it didn't do the trick. Connections from staff to customers just timeout.

How could I achieve this behaviour?

Note: Pritunl runs within a Docker container in a Linux machine, if that makes any difference.


Have you ever tried to run your docker with the attributes --net=hots to use the full network resources from your docker host, then try to add the required routes to your host.

  • That didn't help, sorry. I don't have an issue exposing ports, but routing from one subnet to another. – albertedevigo May 12 at 6:21

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