It had been seven years since I last installed a multi-cluster Apache Hadoop node, so it was naturally a bit nostalgic for me to implement one today. In the times since I started using linux-based operating systems, I've come to know it quite well.

I noticed something perhaps very common with the Hadoop installation guides that I couldn't have noticed seven years ago: they all asked you to modify the PATH variable in either ~/.bashrc, /etc/environment, or both, to set different points for the hadoop bin and sbin executables. As I went on, I noticed that from the extracted folder, the config files are ~/hadoop/etc/hadoop, which seems to be a strange place for the config files. Why not simply name it, hadoop/config like most other self-contained zip-drop packages. Unless, of course, the contents of the Hadoop configuration file are designed to be installed to /etc/hadoop, meaning the entire contents of the tarball you download are meant to be extracted directly to root directory /.

While it obviously works fine like I have it set up (in the /home/hduser/hadoop folder), I was wondering how others have configured their Hadoop installations, and if anyone else thinks it could be beneficial to write a tutorial that places Hadoop's bin and sbin folders in /usr/bin and /usr/sbin. And, of course, their configs in /etc/hadoop.

Does anyone think writing an automated installer/add-nodes script would be beneficial?

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