I am new to email servers and after some time and hard work I managed to configure a mail server, all the certs, all the ports etc... Everything is working really fine! And now I was requested to create an internal subdomain so that the email accounts from this subdomain can only send an receive internal email.

Just let me clarify:

john@example.com can send and receive emails from/to anybody, including Gmail or Outlook accounts.

mary@sales.example.com can send and receive emails from/to anybody, including Gmail and Outlook accounts.

peter@press.example.com can send and receive emails from/to anybody, including Outlook and Gmail accounts.


thomas@internal.example.com can only send and receive emails from/to john@example.com, mary@sales.example.com, peter@marketing.example.com or even ralph@internal.example.com or whatever from the same domain/subdomain. But someone with an @internal.example.com account should not be able to send or receive emails from GMail, Outlook or @company.com.

I found the way to create Sieve Filters to automatically discard external emails sent TO internal accounts but now I need to block any email sent FROM @internal.example.com accounts to external email address.

I am using Postfix as MTA and I think this can be achieved with it but, as I said, I am new to email servers. I did my research and couldn't success. So, I guess is time to ask for some help and I hope you can help me on that.


You should use header_checks to achieve it, may be necessary to include some if statement on it.

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