I updated my centos and I can no longer start any VM. It says:

error: failed to get emulator capabilities
error: internal error: unknown feature amd-sev-es

But I'm using a Intel CPU (E5-2678v3) so it can't have AMD features. How can I disable this feature?

Removing /var/cache/libvirt/qemu/capabilities/* doesn't work. "virsh domcapabilities" returns the error above.


Centos8 stream




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It is a known bug, see #1961558 and #1961562.

For more detailed workaround around the problem, see each Bugzilla page, but for short, either:

  • downgrade edk2-ovmf from edk2-ovmf-20200602gitca407c7246bf-5.el8 to edk2-ovmf-20200602gitca407c7246bf-4.el8, or
  • run this command:
    mkdir -p /etc/qemu/firmware
    touch /etc/qemu/firmware/50-edk2-ovmf-cc.json
    in your QEMU host.

To downgrade the pkg:

# yum downgrade edk2-ovmf

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