I've been trying to download precise for my gitian VM for compiling my crypto for windows. I have successfully done it multiple time in the past and even again the other week, the problem is when I run

bin/make-base-vm --lxc --arch amd64 --suite precise

in cd gitian-builder it now gives me the error

Failed getting release file

I went on the link http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ and can no longer see precise. I found the same files on another link: http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/ and it clearly shows precise as a dist. I thought i can then change the link in the make-base-vm file inside gitian-builder/bin so it would run the link with precise inside so it can then get ahold of release but it wont work due to a key error.


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Precise can be found on old-releases.ubuntu.com, where all the obsolete Ubuntu versions dwell.

However, Precise went EoL in 2017, five years ago. There might be a good reason to use that version, but more often than not there isn't any.

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