Assuming I am running two Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 networks:

  • Network 1: Internet connected
    • IPv4 - provides a default route via
    • IPv6 - 2001:db8::0/64 provides a default route via 2001:db8::1
  • Network 2: Static assets
    • IPv4 - provides a route via to
    • IPv6 - 2001:db8:1::0/64 provides a route via 2001:db8:1::1 to 2001:db8:2::0/64

In a pure IPv4 network, the relevant stanzas in my dnsmasq.conf files for the two networks look like this:

# Network 1 IPv4
# Network 2 IPv4
dhcp-option=option:router # Disables "default" route advert

I can configure my IPv6 network to provide these parts too, at least in Network 1, like this:

# Network 1 IPv6

How can I define a single "static" route advertised over DHCPv6 (or similar), or is this not something I can do with IPv6?

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