Have several sites, one of them acts as intermediary router between two:

  1. AWS VPC (
  2. Libreswan VPN Server (
  3. Mikrotik VPN Router (

host1 resides at AWS VPC, host2 is connected to Mikrotik

VPN's are up, each connection is working separately, statuses look fine.

host2 pings host1, packets arrive through libreswan to host1, host1 replies, all packets arrive at libreswan, but are not passed to host2. Also, packets initiated from host2 are able to reach libreswan, but are not passed to host1. I suppose, that all is stateless for ipsec and is the same problem.

iptables nat (manual config):


iptables filter (manual config):


routing table @ libreswan (ip route, added by libreswan): dev eth0 scope link mtu 1436 dev eth0 scope link mtu 1436

Similar connections with many combinations to other sites works fine in any way - difference is in AWS-Libreswan VPN connection.

Is there something i am missing? Where should i look?

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