*See UPDATED & UPDATED AGAIN to jump to the issue at hand.

Just discovered that my mail app(s) are not displaying all of my messages in my SENT box(S) and maybe other boxes.

For example when using Mac Mail "Account Info" shows that one of the "Sent" boxes is only 97 KB and contains only 8 Messages but on the server the "Sent" box is 179M and I know contains a lot more than 8 Messages.

Running Dovecot on Ubuntu 18

Any assistance would be appreciated.

UPDATED: I sent a test message from the account and verified that it DID show up in the SENT folder in the mail app and then checked a different mail app on a smart phone and it also showed up in the sent folder.

I then logged into the server to analyze the Sent file. The Sent file DID NOT contain the Sent email and the date/time stamp had not been updated.

Where oh where is Dovecot now saving the Sent email.


Did a little more digging around and apparently during an update Dovecot decided to switch from (Mail) to (Maildir).

Now my question is how do I, easily, move my pre-switch (Mail) "Sent" and other files into the (Maildir) format?

Was reading a little on merging but it does not look to be for the faint of heart.

Would like to be able to do this on individual mailbox files one at a time if possible.

For example I would be fine with moving (Mail) "Sent" to (Maildir) "Sent Old"

I have other (Mail) folders who's content does not seem to have made the transition to (Maildir) that I would also like to migrate.

  • You might want to share your configuration. It probably contains a pointer to or the literal path of the directory for mail storage. – anx Jun 15 at 23:51
  • @anx please see my updated post. Apparently during a previous system update my mail system switched from (Mail) to (Maildir) format. Could use some help with moving my older (Mail) files to (Maildir). – I Own I Owe Oh My Jun 16 at 13:32
  • I'm still looking for some assistance on how to fix this. – I Own I Owe Oh My Jun 18 at 11:27

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