On the Cisco UCS www page for the given POD, I can see what Fabric is used for a given vNIC.

But how can I query inside, from the OS (ex.: SLES12 or Windows server) what ethX (NIC) if from/via which network Fabric? ("A" or "B")

Or there is no tool that I can run inside the ex.: SLES OS to query these kinds of infos?

Not talking about the https://community.cisco.com/t5/cisco-developed-ucs-integrations/cisco-ucs-powertool-suite-powershell-modules-for-cisco-ucs/ta-p/3639523 with which I can query infos outside the OS (the OS that runs on the UCS, since I don't want to have auth infos for the UCS inside the OS what runs on the UCS)

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