We have a Ubuntu Docker container that runs a SSH server that we are trying to port over to Red Hat 8.4. I am trying to install the openssh-server package using the dnf package manager via my Dockerfile. The package fails to install with the error Unable to find a match: openssh-server. Am I trying to install the wrong package? All of the documentation I have been able to find says that is the name of the package.

EDIT: My system is configured with the following 3 repos: ubi-8-appstream ubi-8-baseos ubi-8-codeready-builder

EDIT: Add image of dnf output

enter image description here


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It turns out that Red Hat Universal Base Image repos for their Docker images simply do not include openssh-server. I wasn't able to find a statement from Red Hat as to why, but given how extreme an antipattern it is to run an ssh server in a Docker container, it does make some sense.

If you have a paid Red Hat subscription, you could open a case with Red Hat and ask about having it added. But it's probably better to get rid of the ssh server entirely.

  • Thanks for the information. Given the unique nature of the situation that is driving us to use SSH on a container...that is very disheartening. Jun 16, 2021 at 23:50
  • you can use another custom repos and then you can install it.
    – asmath
    Jun 17, 2021 at 4:43

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