I'm trying to configure the selfservice network on Openstack Wallaby, running on Ubuntu Server 20.04. I have followed the instructions for everything under the "Minimal deployment for Wallaby" section under "Install OpenStack services" on the docs.openstack.org site, and all services are running. I followed "Networking Option 2" when setting up Neutron.

For the physical network, I have a dedicated subnet,, on our campus network, with a gateway at en1 and en2 are both connected to this network, with en1 being used for Openstack management. The controller node is at, and I have a compute node at en2 is up on both nodes, but does not have an IP address assigned.

Now, following the instructions under "Launch an instance", I created the provider network, and the selfservice network and subnet, then created a router to connect the selfservice network to the provider network. This all seems to work, but the output of the 'ip netns' command only shows the qrouter line. The docs say that I should also see 2 qdhcp lines. Also, the output of 'openstack port list --router router' shows the status of both ports as 'Down'.

Any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong?

  • It is possible to deactivate DHCP in the subnet. If you did that, no DHCP namespace will be created. Otherwise, troubleshooting starts with openstack network agent list (any agents down?) and a search for WARNINGs and ERRORs in the Neutron log files. – berndbausch Jun 17 at 4:41
  • 'openstack network agent list' shows that metadata agent, DHCP agent, and L3 agent are all up. I'll go thru the logs and see what's there. – DJR Jun 17 at 15:49

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