On a CentOS Linux (7/8) box with IPv6 and EUI-64 generation mode configured, NetworkManager says that the address generation mode is stable-privacy.

Details and research

On our CentOS Linux boxes we use nmcli to rename network adapters. After that we move ifcfg-* files to the new names. This all works as excepted. Before the renaming of the adapter NetworkManagers says the IPv6 address generation mode is EUI-64:

nmcli connection show ens3 | grep addr-gen

ipv6.addr-gen-mode: eui64

But after renaming the adapter (and a reboot) the very same command show different output:

nmcli connection show eth-wan | grep addr-gen

ipv6.addr-gen-mode: stable-privacy

What I've tried

After researching various documentation I've tried different situations to 'restore' the EUI-64 configuration:

  1. Adding IPV6_PRIVACY=no and IPV6_ADDR_GEN_MODE=eui64 to ifcfg-*
  2. Executing nmcli con mod eth-wan ipv6.addr-gen-mode eui64

None of the above result in a visible switch back to EUI-64. But after adding the options on the first situation, the IPv6 configuration effectively is using EUI-64. Even when NetworkManagers states otherwise. I tested this behaviour by watching ip addr output between all changes.

Concluding Questions

  • Will it do any harm that NetworkManager gives other information than provided by the configuration?
  • Is there any way to effectively change the visible NetworkManager configuration, so it is 'in sync' with the working running config?

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