i just added a new domain to cloudflare and the edge certificate is let's encrypt r3, shown in control panel and by inspecting in browser when on the domain's website.

my existing domains still have the regular 1-yr certs. wonder if they'll switch to let's encrypt after expiration.

anyone else noticed?

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    Really? What date was the certificate issued? Jul 2 '21 at 16:38


Certificate authorities

Cloudflare may issue certificates for SSL products from any of the following Certificate Authorities (CAs):

  • DigiCert
  • GlobalSign
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Sectigo (formerly Comodo)

I also found this recent Cloudflare community post:

michael MVP '20 - '21

Cloudflare use multiple certificate authorities, including Let’s Encrypt. These certs are independent of any certs on your origin, which you should continue to maintain with your acme.sh script.
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There is a blog post from March 27, 2021 explaining one way to get a cert signed by LE or Digicert:

Introducing: Advanced Certificate Manager

Additional Features

Apart from the security features that ACM has to offer, we are excited to give our customers an easy-to-use and configurable certificate management solution. With ACM, customers will now be able to issue up to 100 edge certificates per zone, which includes the zone apex and up to 50 hostnames. This means your certificate now has multi-level support, so you can create certificates for second and third-level hostnames. In addition, customers will be able to choose their preferred validation method (HTTP, TXT, or Email) and their certificate authority (Let’s Encrypt or Digicert).

There is probably more in their docs that I didn't find.

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