I'm currently learning Docker and just migrated to an Ubuntu 20.04.2 VM running in VMware workstation player as my Raspberry Pi 2 running Debian 9 has kicked the bucket. Seems Docker requires some special permissions in Ubuntu and I'm baffled as to what those are. The primary error message when running any docker command is:

cannot open path of the current working directory: Permission denied

My home directory is NFS mounted, but UID/GID mappings between the VM and NAS are in sync, and I can create and modify files & directories in my home directory without issue. If I change the cwd to say /tmp, the error message is a little more descriptive:

j5@ubuntu20:/tmp$ docker build ~/Dockerfile
cannot create user data directory: /mnt/homes/j5/snap/docker/796: Permission denied

But the funny thing is the directory was created and has normal permissions:

j5@ubuntu20:/tmp$ ls -la /mnt/homes/j5/snap/docker/796
total 0
drwxr-xr-x 1 j5 users  0 Jul  8 01:26 .
drwxr-xr-x 1 j5 users 32 Jul  8 01:26 ..

I know Terraform has trouble creating lock files on NFS-mounted directories and am suspecting docker has a similar requirement?

  • You must also check permissions of all containing directories. Jul 8 at 2:20

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