Intuition says to name a group with the plural noun (13 accountants are in the accountants group). However, intuition often isn't reliable. In SQL databases, for example, a plural table name (e.g. users) leads to unusual query statements (instead of user_has_role, users_have_roles - awkward).

Is/are there similar concerns for naming IT groups and roles, generally?


While there is no industry-wide group naming convention, it helps to stick to a convention that is easy to understand and easy to remember.

Naming groups based on their broad purpose avoids the need to choose between singular and plural names. This way you won't have to reference your list of groups to recall a group's name.

E.g. accounting, hr, shipping, etc...

If the word for the group's purpose demands choosing between singular and plural, e.g. admin or admins, it is best to go with the singular version as it is easier to remember. This method also conforms to Unix group names, e.g. wheel, sudo, audio, etc...

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