solution: The IP range in ignoreip was set incorrectly using CIDR. It should have been rather than

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Another user had a similar problem caused by conflicting ignoreip's (jail.local's ignoreip replacing jail.conf's). However, the only ignoreip I am using is the one in jail.local, and I have not edited jail.conf at all, so the user's solution did not apply for me.

I've made the following changes in jail.local:

>diff /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf /etc/fail2ban/jail.local

< #ignoreself = true
> ignoreself = true
< #ignoreip =
> ignoreip = ::1
< bantime = 10m
> bantime = -1
< banaction = iptables-multiport
> banaction = iptables-allports

All of these changes are within the [DEFAULT] block.

I've >sudo /etc/init.d/fail2ban restart'ed many times, and >sudo shutdown -r 0'd many times as well. Despite this, every time I try to intentionally fail ssh logins from, the IP gets blocked after 5 tries. After this, I have to manually unban it using >sudo fail2ban-client set sshd unbanip

>tail /var/log/fail2ban.log

2021-08-20 21:43:57,190 fail2ban.jail [1703]: INFO Jail 'sshd' started
2021-08-20 21:44:04,082 fail2ban.filter [1703]: INFO [sshd] Found - 2021-08-20 21:44:03
2021-08-20 21:44:05,792 fail2ban.filter [1703]: INFO [sshd] Found - 2021-08-20 21:44:05
2021-08-20 21:44:10,357 fail2ban.filter [1703]: INFO [sshd] Found - 2021-08-20 21:44:09
2021-08-20 21:44:15,613 fail2ban.filter [1703]: INFO [sshd] Found - 2021-08-20 21:44:15
2021-08-20 21:44:19,166 fail2ban.filter [1703]: INFO [sshd] Found - 2021-08-20 21:44:19
2021-08-20 21:44:19,216 fail2ban.actions [1703]: NOTICE [sshd] Ban

Duplicating jail.local (with the appropriate ignoreip, etc.) as jail.conf also did not work.

Any ideas?

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Ignoring would mean you are ignoring that IP alone. But in the logs you've shown you're banning I think you've made a typo. I think your ignoreip should be

ignoreip = ::1
  • Thank you for the response. I realized after reading it where the error was: I was using the wrong CIDR prefix. Like you said, /32 is just a single IP. works as intended. Thanks again!
    – Andrew
    Aug 21, 2021 at 23:33

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