I am trying to setup Amazon SES on my Route53 domain (writeurl.com). The domain verification status remains at pending verification and does not proceed. The following nslookup command does not show anything, even though the records are created in Route53 hosted zone.

nslookup -type=txt _amazonses.writeurl.com

What am I doing wrong here? Following are the Route53 records:

enter image description here

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    There are other records that also do not match, like the MX (showing GSuite servers, not SES). Are you sure the above screenshot is current, as it does not appear to match what records are currently present in more ways than just the _amazonses TXT record? Aug 25 at 15:39
  • Yes its latest screenshot. Aug 25 at 18:24
  • What's going on with the wildcard record? Aug 25 at 20:18
  • @MichaelHampton you mean *.writeurl.com ? Aug 26 at 6:06
  • That's the only wildcard record I see above. Did you have even more of them? Aug 26 at 15:37

For some reason, the DNS record you are modifying is not current. You need to talk to Amazon and figure out why the records shown in Route53 are not the same as the records exposed to the Internet.

If I do an nslookup -type=SOA on writeurl.com I see the SOA for that domain is ns-232.awsdns-29.com. Your screenshot shows SOA is ns-696.awsdns-23.net. I would think that was an alias, but the TXT record you show in your screenshot for google site verification does not match what's exposed to an nslookup from here, and doing a lookup of your MX records here shows three, none of which match the one in your screenshot. SES can't use that string to validate because it can't see it.

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