I have an Google account equipped with the "DNS Administrator" role that can suddenly not create record sets through "Add Record Set" in Google Cloud DNS anymore, via the console, since a couple of days. The project owner is able to, though. No specific error is returned by the console, only "Failed to load":

enter image description here

I can easily reproduce the error: add a new account to that project, assign it the "DNS Administrator" role, and keep getting that quite unexplaining "Failed to load" error.

Any hint on what to look at?


I don't think this issue is with "DNS Administrator" role. To add a record dns.changes.create and dns.resourceRecordSets.create roles on the project is required --------> basically to create/update/delete an record

As per GCP documentation on roles Role roles/dns.admin title DNS Administrator has dns.changes.* which should include create/update/delete

I have tried it myself and working fine.My test account had following roles DNS Administrator Security Admin Logs Viewer

I would suggest trying it in incognito mode. Seems like some other issue effecting your project.

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