Today I face a server which videoport is dead (no picture when monitor connects to even on reboot), but this server has IPMI.

The problem is, the IP of IPMI is set to some dummy value (I was told that was for security reason), and now I can't change it since no video available.

Is there any way to reset IPMI IP by changing some jumpers on motherboard or any other non-interactive way?

Please advice!

Thank you!

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Tried to plug an external video card into some PCIe slot?

If there is installed Linux on the server, you also may configure a network settings and user accounts in BMC via IPMI device interface from within the OS using e.g. ipmiuitl or ipmitool (you will need ipmi_devintf module loaded):

Detect a local IPMI BMC:

ipmitool mc info

See the configuration

ipmitool lan print
ipmitool user list <ch>

and so on (<ch> is a IPMI channel for which you do the configuration).

Set the IP address and netmask:

ipmitool lan set 2 ipaddr
ipmitool lan set 2 netmask

See which subcommands are available:

ipmitool lan
ipmitool user

There could be some difficulty understanding IPMI channels, what you need to know is that lowest numbered channel usually is Ethernet one, so configure whichever lowest number you'll be allowed. For example, on the HP server ch I've tested these commands it was 2. Don't be too scared, I was first time introduced to the IPMI and to this ipmitool utility on Supermicro server, I managed to do everything I need, this was not hard at all.


Using ipmitool as mentioned in another answer is probably the best option.

Another option, if the server has a serial port then you could connect to that while it is booting. You should be able to enter the IPMI setup and configure it. This is an interactive solution though.

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