So, I've been looking into this systemd "Predictable Network Interface Names" for quite some time and got some understanding on how it works, but I can't for the love of Thor figure out the naming scheme with enpXsY, I know that it's supposed to indicate the physical location of the device, but what exactly does the X and Y mean? Which one is the physical location? What exactly does the other indicate, a bus index, perhaps? I have no idea and really want to know. I searched high and low and could find nothing explaining in detail how this naming scheme works.

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This is described in the man page systemd.net-naming-scheme in later systemd versions. en means ethernet, p means pci, X is the bus number, s means slot, Y is the slot number.

  • Thanks. For some reason that specific page escaped me. Sep 12, 2021 at 16:57

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